For less than the Price of a Stamp


Q What does EDDM stand for?
A EDDM is the acronym for the Every Door Direct Mail from the United States Post Office.

Q What is the best way to contact you?
A  E-Mail is our primary means of communication. Not only does it provide a written record, it is the best way to send proofs, images, copy etc. You can also call us between 10am and 5pm. We make a effort to answer every call. If we are unable to answer please leave a voice mail. 
Q What size are the post cards that you do?
A The most popular card that we do is the 13 x 6.33, the second is a 9.5x6.5.

Q Do you do other sizes post cards?
A Yes, the largest that we do is 13x9.5, we also do a 12x6 in the EDDM program.

Q What is full bleed and can you do this?
A Full bleed prints the entire card without a margin, yes we can do this but there is a additional cost and the finished card will be smaller at 12.5 x 5.75 of a inch.

Q What weight and type of paper to you print on?
A 80# gloss cover.

Q Can you print on a heavier stock.
A Yes, we can print on up to 111 gloss cover.

Q By gloss, do you mean the really shiny paper I see in some print ads?
A No, more than likely that is a UV coated piece, our paper is more closer to a matte finish.

Q  Can I get a sample card before I print?
A  Yes, we always have a few overruns from most jobs that we do. All we ask is you pay for the postage and we will mail them to you.
Q What does your price of 44 cents include?
A Our price includes printing, bundling & the postage.

Q  Are there any additional cost?
A  The only additional cost is shipping to the post office where your post will be distributed from. We use USPS Priority Open and Distribute boxes, in which we can fit up 1000 post cards. The cost for zone 1 is 11.20 which adds a little over a penny to the cost per card.

Q I would like additional post card to hand out, what does this cost?
A We can print any amount you want, the cost is .24 each plus the postage to mail to you.

Q How long does it take from the time we are ready to print, until the card arrives in the mail boxes?
A Most orders of less than 10,000 are printed the same day, shipped the next and arrive and are delivered in 2 to 3 days. This can vary with several factors on the Post Office side. 

Q Will my post card get delivered the same day that all the bulk mail is delivered?
A The Post Office is suppose to deliver the EDDM mailing on a different day than their normal bulk mail day. This means that the mailing of your post card may be delayed by a day.

Q Does the Mailing ever get lost, or delivered to the wrong carrier route and what happens then?
A In the 6 million plus post card we have sent it has happened. If it does we work closely with our representative at the USPS to find what happen to your post cards. If it is determined that the cards have been lost or are delivered to the wrong route we will reprint and  resend.

 Q. Do I need a mailing list for EDDM mailing?
A. No, the EDDM mailing program is based on saturation mailing, since it is to every address in a Postal Carriers route there is no need for a list. All we need is the Zip Code and the Carrier route you want to mail to.

Q How do I find the Carrier Routes?
A There is a simple web tool that you can use from the post office. You can access it at

Q Can I mail to businesses only?
A No, not at this time with EDDM.

Q Can I exclude businesses?
A Yes 
Q Is there any demographic available?
A Yes there is a limited amount available from the EDDM web tool.

Q Is there any minimum order required?
A No, the only minimum is the number need for a single carrier route.

Q How many deliveries are in a single carrier route?
A The number varies, the smallest that we have seen is a little over 200 and the largest is around 1000. Use the USPS web tool to determine the number in your mailing.

Q What is the fastest way to get my piece out?
A If you have a print ready piece, we can print and mail in 2 to 3 days.

Q What is the best format to send you are print ready piece?
A We found that a PDF work best.  Make sure that any images in your work are at least 300 dpi

Q Can you work with other formats?
A  Yes we work with MS Word, Publisher, Power point, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop along with Jpeg, 

Q Do you offer design service?
A Yes, the majority of samples on this site have been designed by us.

Q Is there a charge for the design service?
A No, not at the present time, we also reserve the rights to any of designs to use as samples on this site and as printed hard copy.

Q Can you mail to my mailing list?
A Yes, we do offer bulk mailing, to your list of 200 or more recipients at the rate of .64 in San Diego and .66 outside San Diego County.
Q What if my list is not 200 or more?
A We can still mail to your list using first class postage.

Q What size  post cards do you offer in a the bulk mail?
A Our most popular size for bulk mail is 11x5.66 and 9x6.

Q What about payment?
A We expect payment before we ship, We accept Visa MasterCard and Amex and most of are customer pay over the phone. We also except checks, this may delay your shipment.

Q What size should my photos be for printing?
A We need 300 DPI or better for most images. If you do not have a program that can tell you the DPI here is a quick guide based on the size of the file.

  • If the JPEG is less than 250kb, it will only be suitable for use on screen.
  • 250kb-500kb might be useable as a small thumbnail
  • 500kb-1mb useable up to 3x4 inches
  • 1mb-1.5mb up to 4x6 inches
  • 1.5mb - 2mb up to 5.5x8.5 inches
  • 3.5mb up 8.5x11 inches
  • 6mb+ 11x17 inches