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For less than the Price of a Stamp

We had tried print media like newsletters, newspaper, and Coupon books. All of these worked to some degree, but the problem with them is that you had to rely on someone being interested enough to read the publication and then notice your ads. We tried electronic media, (Radio, TV and the Web) but trying to reach a local market was hard. No matter what sort of offer we made,  we could not get a response from more than 10 miles away.  So the power of electronic media was not cost effective. We tried Yellow Pages, which was a big waste because most of our customers looking for our telephone number would just Google us.  Attracting new customers was hard. 

We did know that direct mail worked well when marketing to our existing customers. What we found out from that is that your great customer lives in the neighborhoods of other great potential customers. The adage “birds of a feather “ holds true. 

Armed with this information, we came up with a plan to market to neighborhoods where our great customers live. Well you can guess what happened, we started bringing in new customers.  We started small, mailing a few hundred mailers and measuring the response. It was a process of buying the mailing list, buying the permit, packing the mailer in the right order, and dealing with the Post Office. All the time we were trying to keep the cost down.

We learned a lot, all the time increasing sales and adding new customers. Then in June of last year we attended a EDDM mailing  presentation put on by the post office. It was like the perfect storm, everything came together. With what we knew and EDDM we were able to double our number of mailers. And in doing so we increased our sales by more than 30 Percent. Because the EDDM program requirements, the mailer is oversize making it the biggest thing in the mailbox. Your customers have to take notice of it. No longer are you hoping being noticed! 

Just like you, in June of 2011 we were looking for a way to reach out to more customers.